Posture Correction and Enhancement Services
Corrective Posture work with a patient
Corrective Posture with computer diagram

Corrective Exercise /Postural Enhancement Services

Corrective exercises and stretching compliment your subluxation correction procedures and speed up your body’s healing process.  In an effort to prevent future conditions and promote health, treatment and rehabilitation,  The doctor will prescribe specific strengthening exercises and stretches for patients with back, neck and other body extremity problems.  When prescribed along with manipulation or other chiropractic care, these exercises can reduce pain, protect against new or recurring injuries, prevent muscle deterioration and promote strength, stability and range of motion.  

Dr. Linebarger has had formal training from Pete Egoscue and uses Epete software to help analyze, educate and give you an exercise prescription specific to your problem.  By keeping up with your corrective exercises and stretches you can accelerate your healing process and prevent scar tissue from forming.  Even after you heal, maintaining a regular exercise and stretch program encourages mobility, flexibility and protects you from new injuries.

Correct Body Posture Chart