Dr. Clete Linebarger has been a Bozeman Chiropractor for over 25 years- here are some testimonials from clients we’ve received over the years.  

Best Doctor’s Appointment I have ever had!

I just want to thank Dr. Linebarger for what I’ve told many was “the best doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had!”  Why? Well, I can’t ignore the fact that I went in with a many-years-old problem, and left the office with the problem solved.  But it started with Dr. Linebarger’s first words- “Tell me your story,… Read more “Best Doctor’s Appointment I have ever had!”

Elin Hert

Quick to help

I’ve been to Dr. Linebarger twice in the last few years and after one visit each I’m back to normal.  He tries to fix what’s wrong with you the first time.  Love the heated therapy bed while you wait!… Read more “Quick to help”

Nathan N.

Dr. Linebarger Genuinely Cares About His Patients

I’ve visited Dr. Linebarger for years, mostly for back and neck problems from lifting or strain, and he is excellent.  He doesn’t try to keep you coming back for more visits if they are not necessary, and in my experience, one visit has been all it took for most of the injuries I’ve had.  He… Read more “Dr. Linebarger Genuinely Cares About His Patients”

Robin Hickman

I highly suggest Dr. Linebarger

If you want to actually move again without a series of appointments for the next two months, I highly suggest Dr. Linebarger. He’s not your typical back cracker and will give exercises to fix what’s hurting.… Read more “I highly suggest Dr. Linebarger”

M. Lazetich

Dr. Clete is the definition of professionalism.

Dr. Clete is the definition of professionalism. He took the time to visit with me to inform me what my medical options were, and even took time out from his personal life to call me on a weekend with further information about my condition. Not once, during our office visits did he look at his… Read more “Dr. Clete is the definition of professionalism.”

Kurt B.

I WILL recommend Clete to anyone who needs any back/spine work!

I was a first-time visitor because my mom recommended him, I WILL recommend Clete to anyone who needs any back/spine work. I felt the difference the moment he adjusted my 1st joint!!! Thumbs up on being patient with my son and thank you so much for your help!!! The only chiro I will be seeing… Read more “I WILL recommend Clete to anyone who needs any back/spine work!”

Clete is an excellent doctor.

Clete is an excellent doctor. He is our go-to guy. He has personal experience with sports injury and recovery. You have the option of resting on a massage bed before your appointment. It’s very relaxing. And Clete is very good with physical therapy exercises for your injury or… Read more “Clete is an excellent doctor.”


Thank You Dr. Linebarger!

I love that Dr. Linebarger gives you exercises to do yourself so you don’t have to keep coming back over and over, he saved TONS of money a local shyster was taking from me who had me on a weekly plan for a year (and didn’t help at all). I am deeply grateful to him… Read more “Thank You Dr. Linebarger!”

Kelly Hohn

helped me more than I would have ever imagined…

Since I am very athletic, enjoying activities ranging from running, hiking to cross-country skiing, I was very fearful of surgery, which was recommended by a local doctor. You introduced me to stretching and strengthening methods and reassured me that I could alleviate my bunion dysfunction through specific exercise progression, concentrating on my body alignment. Through… Read more “helped me more than I would have ever imagined…”


No Pain Now!

I have been taking your Alignment class for about 6 months now and I want to tell you about its effect on me. When I get out of bed in the morning, I no longer walk wooden legged; my knees bend, my feet flex. Two weeks ago I quit taking my ibuprofen because my back… Read more “No Pain Now!”


Kudos for Clete’s Alignment Class at the Ridge!

18 months ago I joined The Ridge and about 3 months after that I started going to Clete’s Alignment class on a regular basis. I was immediately “hooked” by his methods and exercises simply because I felt better doing them. His approach to solving physical problems by exercising and strengthening some of the body’s most… Read more “Kudos for Clete’s Alignment Class at the Ridge!”


Clete and his staff were awesome.

I had thrown out my back doing deadlifts. The doctor gives me pain pills and called it good. After about a week my back was better but I could hardly stand to sit for too long and I felt like an old man standing up. So I decide to go to a Chiropractor in my… Read more “Clete and his staff were awesome.”

Dusty Hayes