Clete and his staff were awesome.

I had thrown out my back doing deadlifts. The doctor gives me pain pills and called it good. After about a week my back was better but I could hardly stand to sit for too long and I felt like an old man standing up. So I decide to go to a Chiropractor in my hometown. After about 10 visits my back wasn’t much better and I was starting to feel ripped off. That’s when I got Clete’s number and made an appointment. Clete and his staff were awesome. Clete worked with me about an hour and then explained in great detail where and why my back was out. Then he gave me set exercises and stretches to help my back realign itself. I had to return one more time because my back still didn’t feel quite right. They put me on this amazing water massage bed for about 15-20 mins then Clete made one more adjustment and told me to keep up with the exercises/stretches. It has been about 2 months since that last visit and my back feels great. Thank You, Clete.