Proper Breathing Techniques


On an average day, we take over 23,000 breaths. Improper breathing can result from sitting for prolonged periods, stress, and poor posture. When we breathe incorrectly it can lead to increased fatigue, insomnia, and sore musculature, especially around the neck. Use the image above to practice proper breathing techniques.

It’s that time of year again! Every year thousands of people injure themselves shoveling snow, and almost half those injuries are soft tissue related. Here’s a couple tips before heading out. 

1) NO FATIGUE: When we get tired we tend to compensate and use improper lifting techniques. 

2) NO PAIN: If you start to feel a tweak or achy sensation anywhere STOP and take a break. 

3) PROPER FOOTWEAR: Wear something with a rugged sole, so you don’t end up on your butt! 

4) HYDRATION: It’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water. 

And remember, you can always put the kids to work!

proper shoveling techniques